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Mohammed Asker

You Should Join the #100DaysOfCode Challenge!

Programming3 min read

Few days ago, I have successfully completed the 100 days of code challenge! Woohoo!!

I also come to realize that I have learn more about the programming than I originally thought. Not only do I have improved a lot since the day I started back in June, I also meet amazing people on Twitter who help me to make learning to code more fun.

##Before joining the challenge

Like any ordinary day of a newbie programmer, I was still pretty new to JavaScript - you know, learning the hard stuffs such as knowing the difference between var, let, and const variables. It didn't deter me from writing codes, but deep down I know it's going to bite me one day.

It was around the time when browsing Twitter and looking at memes where I first stumble upon the #100DaysOfCode hashtag. What was my first impression?

Nothing, I didn't care about it.

Another day on Twitter looking at programming memes and saw the same hashtag again.

Nope, still didn't care.

And this goes on until the curiosity gets the better of me and kills the cat down the street.

##What is the #100DaysOfCode challenge?

Long story short, #100DaysOfCode is a movement where programmers tweet their progress every day until they reach 100 days. The goal here is to get into a habit of coding everyday and support one another, thus increasing the chances of become successful in their respective goals. i.e, getting a coding jobs, learn frameworks, build projects, etc.

The rules of the challenge are pretty straightforward and basically goes something like this:

1.Code minimum an hour every day for the next 100 days. 2.Encourage at least two other people in the challenge on Twitter every day. 3.Tweet your progress every day using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag.

Programmers of every level are welcomed and encouraged to join the challenge. It doesn't matter whether you wrote your first "Hello World" in HTML or you're personally responsible for sending the Tesla Roadster to space.

##Benefits of joining the challenge

Here are some perks you get when joining the challenge:

  • You are building the habit to code daily and consistency which is the key for getting better in programming.
  • The community! Nothing can make you feel more motivated to code everyday than having someone who's in the same boat as you learning together.
  • Helpful links and resources are posted here which you might find useful during your journey in coding.
  • The community! When you got stuck in your coding or just looking for some advises, they are happy to help you!

Why I am obsessed with the community? Because they are really that good!

It's like experiencing a first-class customer services even though you didn't buy any products or services. Or if I were to use in gangster terms - it's like they make you an offer you can't refuse.

##Wait, do I have to complete 100 days without a break?

Of course, not! We are all humans and there will be a days where you cannot open your text editor. In fact, you're more likely to encounter situations where you're unable to write codes due to circumstances beyond your control like falling ill, family or work obligations, or meteor hitting on your house and destroyed your computer.

In my case, There have been a time when my internet went down for 2 weeks straight and cannot access documentations, tutorials, push repos to GitHub or do anything else where internet are required. When it finally got back online, I resumed the day where I stopped and some people on Twitter has message me if I was doing okay. Just another reason why I love this community!

I never saw anyone completing the challenge without breaking the streak, so there's no pressure for you. Take a break when necessary.

##Conclusion I'm glad that I've join the challenge and stick it to the end without giving up. Thanks to this movement, I have went from "I don't anything about JavaScript" to "I have a working knowledge in JavaScript". While I'm not ready to hunt for a software engineer job, I believe it has helped me to grow both as a programmer and as a person. I'm looking forward to do the second around soon.

So If you decided to give it a try, check out the official movement website here. Just follow the steps and you'll be in your way to the challenge.

Oh, and what happened on that day when I don't know the difference between var, let, and const?

I still don't know the difference yet. :p